(screen grab from Reloaded)
L-R: Matt Anderson, Matt Hull. Shot by Ben Crocker (GayCow Productions)

16 Apr 2010


This is the second installment of my collaboration with Ben and Matt.

It took about 4/5 hours to shoot and 8 hours to edit.
Hope you enjoy it!


15 Apr 2010

The Day's Work. (inc. exclusive)

Me, Matt and Ben have finished the second installment of our shoot'em up franchise.

I can now say that the title is: "Reloaded".

It should be up on Gaycow Production's youtube first of all.*
Then I'll be grabbing it and throwing it on this page for all to gawp at :D.

* - http://www.youtube.com/user/ben947

Update on Sequel

Yesterday the three of us finished filming the sequel to PAYBACK.
This time we experiemented with some new ways of trying to kill each other.
We've also got a small cameo to add to the bill.

Im off to edit it with the other two tonight so it's possible we might have the new short film up and playing tonight!



This is the first of hopefully many collaborations with Ben (Gaycow Productions) and Matt.

This was filmed in about an hour and edited in five.


14 Apr 2010

Welcome Post.

Welcome to my Archive,

I'm planning on leaving all of my film projects on this site, feel free to stalk, post comments and critises.
The first posts will most probably be in collaboration with both my good mates, Matt Hull and Ben Crocker (Gaycow Productions).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading/watching/inputting!